Reunion with former COL residents


The first meeting of the Roda de Conversa (Yarning Circle) was held on October 15, 2021, at 7 p.m. in the Hermann Effa Auditorium at Chain of Love, in Campo Bom, part of intern Cristiane Moesch’s Project of Intervention. Five young people who had formerly lived at Chain of Love were invited to give their testimonies and tell the teenagers in care about their time in the organization – both in the regular homes and in the Transition House for young adults who come of age.

Cristiano Soares Drescher, Alice Jenifer Prado, Bruna Gonçalves, and Marlon Oliveira were present. They talked about the difficulties they had after leaving Chain of Love: searching for a job, continuing their studies, relationships, families, and spirituality. While COL former resident Nilson Amaral could not come in person, he sent his testimony in a video.

Cristiano is married to Cristiane and they have a 6-year-old son named Vicente. Cristiano works at a highly regarded company and is doing very well professionally.

Alice works at a bakery and is studying for a test for the Brazilian Federal Police. She plans to resume her education course at a university. She is in touch with her biological family.

Bruna works in two places as a licenced practical nurse and will go to a nursing school.

Marlon has remained at the same workplace for 12 years. He lives alone and is dating. He plans to get married soon. He met his biological family again and often visits them.

Nilson continues working at a grocery store called Rissul. He purchased an apartment and is single. He met his biological family again and frequently visits them.

It was a special moment. Our cherished guests expressed much gratitude for the professionals who helped them at Chain of Love and for their sponsors, who helped them both in prayers and financially. The meeting was moving and impacted the attendees’ lives.